Listening + Learning Labs

How do you listen?

And how well do you do it?

Listening – the cornerstone of all communication – is the skill that we acquire before learning to speak, write, and read. It’s also the one that we spend the least time practicing and strengthening.

But now more than ever, listening is fundamental for individuals, teams, and organizations. From fostering innovation and learning to building a culture grounded in empathy and respect to addressing systemic workplace issues – listening is the foundation.

At H+H Strategies, we know that communication shapes culture, and listening has the power to transform the workplace experience.

Listening + Learning Labs
In 2020, we launched the Listening + Learning Lab, a multi-phase experience designed to strengthen listening practices, facilitate intergenerational conversations around systemic workplace issues, and establish the space for creation of collaborative and innovative solutions to drive positive change.

Each Lab consists of no more than eight individuals who participate in two sessions. First, participants engage in a training centered on strengthening fundamental listening skills. Individuals then have the opportunity to practice their listening through facilitated dialogues designed to tackle a shared workplace challenge or issue. Finally, participants collaborate in exercises drawn from human-centered design to explore ideas and solutions to address the issue at hand.

The Lab, through its listening and learning loops, provides participants with critical tools to strengthen relations, engage in difficult dialogues, and experiment with ideas for a reimagined workplace that tackles systemic issues and establishes the next normal for the pandemic era and beyond.

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